Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!!

I hope all of you enjoy a beautiful evening bringing 2011 to a close, and welcoming in 2012, a brand new year of blessings, life lessons, new experiences - with repeats of the great old ones, less mistakes, and more smiles.

I'm going to let Zooey and Joe inquire about your plans tonight. Since they do it so much better than I would. :)

Little hug, Big hug, Little Kiss, Little Hug, Big Kiss, Little Hug, Big Hug.

Happy New Year's Eve! :)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Chain 'em Up!

From Top Left & Clockwise 
 Michael Kors | Emanuele Bicocchi | Yves Saint Laurent | Forever 21 | Ugo Cacciatori | Alvina Abramova       Sylvie Markovina | Links of London 


Chain link bracelets are all the obsession right now, so why not adorn your finger with the same? I originally saw the MICHAEL Michael Kors Gold Link Ring and fell in LOVE. (Did you click the link? Are you gasping? Yes, it's only $55!) I know it's only one day before Christmas but can I add this to my Christmas list?? Santa?

Friday, December 23, 2011

December Birchbox x Last Minute Gift Giving Guide

Yum yum yum! I was so excited when I broke open the seal to my December Birchbox to 
reveal a set of Incoco® Nail Polish Appliqué, a disgustingly cute sized sample of Jouer Moisturizing Lip Gloss in hot pink (specifically Birchbox Pink - created just for BB!), BY TERRY Hyaluronic Face GlowEBOOST Orange Natural Energy BoosterShowstoppers® Designer Fashion Tape, and a sample of kate spade new york Twirl!

My Incoco Nail Strips came in zebra, so I'm super excited to try them out, for NYE perhaps?? As for the rest of the samples, I'm also excited to try the Hyaluronic Face Glow, being a cross between a primer and a light foundation, it is made up of "Whipped hyaluronic acid molecules - a proven skin-smoothing ingredient - work to erase pores, lines, and blemishes.

Don't know if it's age, or growing a meticulousness about my appearance, but this face isn't as flawless as I once thought it was, so I am ready for some miracle primer/foundation. 

No doubt you'll hear more about this box once I try everything!

On another note, I wanted to introduce a very creative and unconventional twist on Birchbox, called Umba Box. Launched in September 2011, Umba Box provides a unique relationship between subscribers and artisans who put so much love and care into their hand-made products. With a $26 monthly subscription, Umba Box will send you one carefully selected, hand-made product in the categories of "home goods, women's accessories, jewelry, stationary, and bath products" per month. Think of hand picking one product from their many brilliant shops and plopping it on your doorstep monthly. 

How exciting! You can subscribe for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months. If you're running a little late on a Christmas present, this may be a great choice ;). Also if you're an artisan yourself, you can fill out a quick questionnaire to apply to  have your hand made goods be featured in a future shipment. 


With Christmas being on Sunday, I wanted to provide a list of easy, and quick gifts to purchase for those ladies (and possibly men) in your life.

In this case, "easy and quick" = online shopping! Which coincides with the two subscriptions I've featured above! (Clever, aren't I?!) 

Here is a short list of ideas:

1. - Ladies and Gents, Groupon isn't new to most of us, so I don't need to explain the utter brilliance of this website. Get your guy or gal a gift card to so they can pick up the next half off mani/pedi deal, or sky diving trip decked out with video and champagne prior to the diving (made that up), or Justin Beiber singing toothbrush (did NOT make that up, check it out here). The possibilities are endless! 

2. Livingsocial Deals - The name explains it all, check out fun deals that get you out into your city trying that tiny gem of a restaurant on the corner where that one bum always hangs out. Another great website to get you and your friends out and about - to the right places - and at a good price!

3. Daily Candy Deals - Daily Candy Deals focuses on allowing their readers opportunities to explore their city (similar to Groupon and Living Social - but a tad girlier and trendier). Deals from local businesses (and online/non local businesses) give readers 40-70% off services or products to enjoy - or give as a gift (pssst, that's you!) This site is one of my FAVORITES

4. - For the girl out there who wants to explore beauty products, who's the queen of face, or for the girl who can never find the right foundation - a subscription to this site is both helpful and exciting. I mean, who doesn't want 5 beauty samples at their door once a month? 

5. - Details above! :) Get that girl who appreciates hand-made pieces the ultimate gift surprise!

6. - Although you can't quite get a gift card to the entire website (would be a GRAND day if and when that day arrives), you can still choose a lovely and unique item for your darling gal. If she has an account, check out her favorite-d items and purchase away! I think she'll forgive you for a late present - as long as you show her a picture of what you chose!

7. - Boutique's of high end brands in fashion, accessories, footwear, home, travel, wine, gourmet food, local services and more - at a discount price! Who could resist?

8. - Run by, Myhabit is another apparel, house ware, accessory, shoes, goodness- you name it - deal website. Pick up an actual gift card for here. (You can have it emailed, mailed, printed or even facebook-ed to your lucky recipient)

9. - Recruiting 80 of the best people in fashion, food, design and health, this website features products hand picked by each expert - who then shares the product with you at a discounted price. As a member (free membership) you have the ability to subscribe to specific experts whether you want a focus of fashion (apparel, jewelry, footwear), food (cook and kitchen ware, dining packages), or a mix of all provided - you get my point, you will be charmed by products that are loved and suggested by the best! Experts include Andrew Zimmerman, Bobby Flay, Jeannie Mai, Kristin Cavallari, Alicia Silverstone, Padma Lakshmi, Jackie Warner - and lots lots more. Another FAVORITE of mine. 

10. - Does an amazing job with "harnessing" (totally quoted from their site) videos to showcase products they are selling, and awesome gift ideas for any person in your life. As another limited time-boutique website, this is by far the most descriptive and informational, so that you can see your future product/gift in action!

Merry Christmas, Friends! Happy Gifting!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

When in doubt...

Steal your boyfriend's sweater.

Sweater: H&M | Jeans: Old Navy | Booties: F21

Well, I thought it was a perfect fit. I also think most of his cardigans are a perfect fit. He thinks otherwise though. I tell him baggy is in, and he always gives me a skeptical look.
 I think I'm a lucky gal ;)

Bertie's Outfit | Sweater & Jeans: Nordstroms | Scarf: Macy's | Clutch: Tory Burch | Boots: F21

Anyways, I spent the day with my BFF and ran some errands. Which included breakfast, a trip to the bakery, TJ Maxx Home Goods, Michael's, and frozen lasagna. Our kind of day :) I love Bertie's sense of style and cannot get over these amazing boots she found at F21. I think she's caught the boot fever!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Perfect Planner

We've got 10 days until 2012, ladies, and for those of you who swear by lists and needing more than just electronic reminders to pay a bill, pick up dog food for your puppy, and dryer sheets for the load in your washer - you may be just like me. Planner Dependent.

And it's not just any planner, I need a planner that has a weekly view, with enough room to make a sizable list of to-dos, a monthly view and preferably, a sassy colored, book bound, leather cover.

The past 2 years I've used Gallery Leather's Desk Planner. And, unfortunately haven't found a sweet color that I love. So, I've been doing a little (ahem, a lot) of browsing online for planners, and would love to share a couple with you! :)

Gallery Leather - Leather Desk Weekly Planner | $22

Graphic Image 2012 Desk Diary Metallics Leather | $97 | Glittery Splurge

2011-2012 myAgenda Desktop | $32.25 | Oh, the COLORS!

Cavallini 2012 Daily Planner | $35 | Full day pages - Room for LOTS of listing

2012 Egg Press Stripes Milano Weekly/Monthly Planner | $19.99

MMMG 2012 Draw Your Tomorrow | $22

LiveWork Agenda Slim | $25 

LiveWork Agenda Large | $35 | I am gravitating towards this one.. big time!

LiveWork Scrap Agenda | $18

Taking a step away from my normal leather bound planner, this one caught my eye because of the ability to scrapbook a little bit about your week on a blank sheet placed after each week. I am someone who keeps their old planners, and often looks back to see the scribbles, sketches, and post it's that represent each week of my life that year. Let's just say it's a feeling of accomplishment. Messy messy accomplishment. 

Unless I make a decision soon, I may be sticking post it's to my cell phone for the first couple days of January, so wish me luck!

What planner do you swear by?

Friday, December 16, 2011

Gift Giving Guide V

Picture & Tutorial Via Belle & Sparrow

Photo & Tutorial Via Kristen

Photo & Tutorial Via Danielle

I love wreaths! I got one today made by my BFF, Bertie - inspiring this gift! Now for those of you who are front door sensitive (aka. my parents), these adorable wreaths don't have to adorn your front door! They can hang from your bedroom door, bathroom door, over a fireplace - wherever you'd like! And since this will be for a Christmas Present, you'll most likely want to make one that is perfect for the rest of Winter, Spring or even Summer :) Click through the photos for the tutorials!

Images Via

Great tasting, smelling and looking chapstick in the shape of an egg? EOS lip balm is the new rage and you can share the lip moisturizing movement with your friends. This amazing holiday pack includes strawberry sorbet, sweet mint and passion fruit, and it's only $9.99 at!

Photo Via 

The Fuji Instax Mini 7s & Mini 25

Photo via

Fuji Instax Wide Instant Camera

Did anyone else nearly pass out when they heard polaroid cameras were being discontinued? I did. And then, to my luck, I got one as a gift, and about 5 packs of film. Polaroid cameras will never lose their charm. I mean besides our acclimation to instant photos, the gratification of tangible photos will never die. NEVER!! Just like Ace of Base. You know, most college students don't know who they are!!

You will make any girl happy with one of these - guaranteed!

I saw the sii-ign, and it opened up my eyes, I saw the sign!

Special thanks to Bertie for helping me with this post :)

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