Saturday, December 24, 2011

Chain 'em Up!

From Top Left & Clockwise 
 Michael Kors | Emanuele Bicocchi | Yves Saint Laurent | Forever 21 | Ugo Cacciatori | Alvina Abramova       Sylvie Markovina | Links of London 


Chain link bracelets are all the obsession right now, so why not adorn your finger with the same? I originally saw the MICHAEL Michael Kors Gold Link Ring and fell in LOVE. (Did you click the link? Are you gasping? Yes, it's only $55!) I know it's only one day before Christmas but can I add this to my Christmas list?? Santa?


  1. I'm loving the chain trend as well :)

  2. @Jas.. I think it's a sickness. I can't stop looking for chains :)


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