Friday, April 27, 2012

Sunshine Surprise

Cardigan: H&M | Blouse: F21 | Jeans: Express | Shoes: Vintage from Etsy

XO Rings: Jewelmint | Buckle Bracelet: H&M | Watch: Cotton On

These past couple days have been opposite days when it comes to the weather. Which means, per, Fritz Coleman's "future cast", and my grocery store bonanza trip over the weekend; I believed that it was going to rain this week. And I was properly prepared to make my own soy chai tea latte and walk my dog without a leash (because he hates rain and dares not run past the closest patch of grass for him to relieve himself on). 

But, instead of finding rain, I found it to be bright, sunny and fairly hot. SO, after ironically accepting the sunshine,  I chose my outfit and enjoyed a beautiful Spring day. 

Though, I'm still confused. 

EEHEHEH, flamingo!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Zooey Deschanel | Style Icon

I am a sickeningly big fan of Zooey Deschanel. Her talents include acting, singing and being awkwardly cute - my idol. (No, I'm not joking.)

You'd think it would be easy to create an inspiration board fashioned (pun intended) after Zooey D. because the first things that come to mind are: blouses, high waist skirts, and a-line dresses. But, I argue against the ease as it was truly hard to choose what best represents the talented artist (of sorts) because she's seen at all times in retro-tastic outfits.

Now, I may be disillusioned by the stylists at the set of New Girl (and 500 Days of Summer) to be the cause of each 1960's inspired ensemble, but she has an uncanny way of rocking variations of simple to chic and classy get ups and looking so incredibly comfortable in her own skin.

Here's how you can get your very own Zooey D. look (We're on that first name, last initial basis - you know.)

Zooey Deschanel | Style Icon

1. A solid cardigan paired with a pussy bow blouse and high waisted shorts or skirts can deport you back into time with that signature vintage look that you've always wanted. Don't forget a pair of black or colored tights if you're feeling a little conservative (or cold).

2. Probably the easiest way to get your Zooey D. look is slipping on an a-line dress. The a-line dress has the magical ability to cinch any woman's figure at the waist, presenting a slimmer figure with a classy punch. Remember, waist lines were THE THING back in the day, so what better way to show off some curves than with a solid, striped or heart polka dotted dress.

3. Zooey D.'s tootsies seem to spend the most time in some simple black ballet flats. Get yourself some multi-use black flats and a cute pair of red suede pumps to complete your vintage look!

4. What better way to bring out the awkwardly cute nerd from within by solidifying in your look with a pair of thick framed glasses. Zooey D.'s tortoise shell glasses seen on New Girl comes from good ol' Oliver Peoples.

5. To complete your Zooey D. look, throw on some sheer pink lipstick and don't forget the light and flirty pink blush.

 Here's to looking and feeling adorable - just like my girl, Zooey D. (Okay, that's the last time I'll call her that, promise.)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Color Run 2012

This Sunday, Vicki, Sovanna and I ran (or will never know the truth) in the Southern California Color Run 5k!

Raising money for the Big Brothers Big Sisters or Orange County,12,000 color runners gathered to get  covered in powdered paint at paint stations throughout the 5k. It is not a timed 5k, which allows for the maximization of colorful fun. Serious. You think that sounds cheesy but that's really the point! The more colorful you are at the end of the run - the BETTER!!

I'm so glad Vicki invited me to do this incredibly fun and colorful run as us three girls had a blast saying things like "Hit me!" at the paint stations, experienced what we realized was color envy (Heey.. how did that girl get teal paint on her?), inhaled and ingested quite a bit of the edible powdered paint (don't worry, it's safe and tastes like slightly sweetened chalk) and if we had to choose a super hero to look most like - it would be the hulk. 

We made some DIY tutus and had to refrain from rolling around on the ground to get more paint on our ensembles. 

Overall, probably the best way to spend a Sunday :) SoCal was the first stop for the Color Run tour (with San Diego added in November), so don't miss out on the Color Run Fun in your city!!


Thanks Ladies! ;)
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