Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Perfect Planner

We've got 10 days until 2012, ladies, and for those of you who swear by lists and needing more than just electronic reminders to pay a bill, pick up dog food for your puppy, and dryer sheets for the load in your washer - you may be just like me. Planner Dependent.

And it's not just any planner, I need a planner that has a weekly view, with enough room to make a sizable list of to-dos, a monthly view and preferably, a sassy colored, book bound, leather cover.

The past 2 years I've used Gallery Leather's Desk Planner. And, unfortunately haven't found a sweet color that I love. So, I've been doing a little (ahem, a lot) of browsing online for planners, and would love to share a couple with you! :)

Gallery Leather - Leather Desk Weekly Planner | $22

Graphic Image 2012 Desk Diary Metallics Leather | $97 | Glittery Splurge

2011-2012 myAgenda Desktop | $32.25 | Oh, the COLORS!

Cavallini 2012 Daily Planner | $35 | Full day pages - Room for LOTS of listing

2012 Egg Press Stripes Milano Weekly/Monthly Planner | $19.99

MMMG 2012 Draw Your Tomorrow | $22

LiveWork Agenda Slim | $25 

LiveWork Agenda Large | $35 | I am gravitating towards this one.. big time!

LiveWork Scrap Agenda | $18

Taking a step away from my normal leather bound planner, this one caught my eye because of the ability to scrapbook a little bit about your week on a blank sheet placed after each week. I am someone who keeps their old planners, and often looks back to see the scribbles, sketches, and post it's that represent each week of my life that year. Let's just say it's a feeling of accomplishment. Messy messy accomplishment. 

Unless I make a decision soon, I may be sticking post it's to my cell phone for the first couple days of January, so wish me luck!

What planner do you swear by?


  1. these are all very nice! I just use my Blackberry now just because it's so much more convenient..but I really love the 2nd one!

  2. WOW you have an amazing blog! I'm glad I tumbled onto it! :) Hope we can follow each other, I'm following you now. :)

    Romiya Fashion Inspiration Blog

  3. Tiffany!! Isn't the metallic one to die for?? I can't stop looking at it :)

  4. Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again

    Leather Planners


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