Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Extreme Fat Smash Diet Update - Week 3

Week 3 has led me to believe that I'm not quite cut out to eliminate fatty foods from my daily diet :)

Haha, okay just kidding. During week 3, I definitely exercised more discipline and stayed closer to the diet restrictions than week 2. I splurged on the weekend and kept my 60+ minutes of cardio for 5 days this week.

I've lost 1 pound, since my last weigh in!

I know I need to make better decisions about what I eat and how much of it in order to stay under my calorie intake goal of 1200 calories a day. (Seriously, I blame the weekend on amazing Chinese food...again!) I have to admit, I didn't follow the daily meal instructions exactly from the Extreme Fat Smash Diet, but I've noticed that I've built a habit to eat 4 small meals a day alternating between the same couple meals that the diet requires and allowing around 3 cheat meals throughout the week. 

Here are the foods I alternate between that pretty much sum up the entire diet:

Meal 1 - yogurt, oatmeal or cereal with one cup of coffee
Meal 2 - yogurt, fruit, smoothie, or small salad
Meal 3 - chicken or fish, vegetables, brown rice, or chickpeas (two items each meal)
Meal 4 - chicken or fish, vegetables, brown rice, or chickpeas (two items each meal)
Workout - 60 minutes of cardio and some days adding 15 minutes of weight lifting

I definitely feel like I'm on the right track and know that my dream of losing 12 pounds in 3 weeks with my habits is completely unrealistic (a girl can dream, right?). But, I am hoping to stay on the right track and reach my weight loss goal of 10 pounds by the end of May - averaging 1 pound a week. 

Update y'all next week!

Ta ta!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Denim Blue & Apple Red

Chambray Shirt: Old Navy | Skirt: Forever 21 | Sandals: Old Navy | Glasses: Warby Parker, Preston

I'm excited to pull out my skirts for the wonderful Spring weather we're experiencing in Southern California. We've had gorgeous weather and I'm excited for the 75-80 degree weekend! Beach time, maybe? :)

I also got my Preston frames from Warby Parker and can't stop wearing them!

What are your plans for the lovely weekend?


Monday, April 15, 2013

Extreme Fat Smash Diet Update - Week 2

Happy Monday, friends! :)

My update on week 2 of the Extreme Fat Smash Diet will be extremely disappointing to you all - as it has been for me.

Some of you may have witnessed me eating a tri-tip sandwich on Wednesday and chicken and waffles on Friday. On top of that, I also spent the weekend with my parents.

In my defense, eating with my parents is not a situation where I have a choice. (I have no defense for the tri-tip sandwich and chicken and waffles). Also, when you're celebrating Grandma's birthday at a traditional Chinese restaurant where the table is filled with delicious, high flavored and oily dishes - you simply can't deny more than one serving of food. I plead no control of Saturday (and Monday, and Wednesday, and Friday, and Sunday).

Here's a visual from my myfitnesspal app:

I am sorry to disappoint you all, but I am only human and have a true weakness for food. This is a great reminder that your diet is entirely responsible for your weight loss and weight gain. Also note, that I did 60+ minutes of cardio Monday through Saturday this week, and weighed in this morning with a loss of: 1 pound. 

Reflecting on last week and planning for this upcoming week, I've decided to repeat week 2, since I clearly did not successfully follow the diet. I'm hoping repeating this week will get me back on track for the 3 week program. It's never too late, right?

On another note, I've discovered lifting weights and am a fan of feeling stronger in the areas I've worked on :) So, as long as I continue to keep my manly confidence up (to make it to the other side of my gym where only men hang out), I'm hoping to be toned and lean! :)

See photos of my daily meal plans on my instagram, @electriceunice :)

Here's to a repeat of week 2!


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Warby Parker Class Trip

Last month, the Warby Parker Class Trip made a stop in Los Angeles, and I could NOT wait to visit them! Trucking across the country on a specially designed bus, Warby Parker's show room took on a rather literal meaning of the mobile showcase. 

I'm a huge fan of my Warby Parker Tenley frames, and couldn't wait to try on another pair to make my own. Who can deny a yellow bus showcase and a lovely day in Los Angeles?

If you're unfamiliar with Warby Parker, they provide unique and hip prescriptive and non prescriptive lenses and sunglasses. Prescription frames are only $95.00 including shipping. Or you can check out their titanium frames for $145.00. Skeptical about buying frames online without the real face factor? Warby Parker has a home try on program where you choose 5 frames you'd like to see on your face, get them sent to you (prescription-less) and you send it back with a better idea of what frames you want, did I mention that it's free shipping both ways? There is no limit to how many times you get to utilize the home try on program. 

The best part is that for every pair you buy, they gift a pair to a person in need. Warby Parker is taking a stand against life without vision. 

Well now, what are you waiting for? Check them out :)

Warby Parker Class Trip Friends :)
The sample frames don't have anti-reflective lenses.

My dearest friend, Linda joined me for the visit and I'm excited about my new Preston's! :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

The Extreme Fat Smash Diet

It is safe to say that every year, I struggle with an aging metabolism and an ever growing love for tasty and fattening food. My life revolves around food. My weight constantly yo-yo's (more towards the increasing side) and I eat emotionally - when I'm happy, excited, stressed, and sad. Socially, I eat to celebrate, comfort and experience.

I'm not alone in this obsession. I am blessed to live in America. And even more blessed to have the company of close friends and family who also happen to be fellow food indulgers. But how do we stay healthy, in good shape, harvest great self confidence AND enjoy ourselves through our tummies?

Clearly, I'm not the expert on this but as I realize that it was yesterday that I should be in my best shape,  the best most vague and annoying word to answer this question would be: BALANCE.

Therefore, I am here to announce that I'm 7 days into the Extreme Fat Smash Diet by Dr. Ian Smith (Most recognized for his dietary expertise on VH1's Celebrity Fit Club, as a medical correspondent for NBC and a medical contributor for The View and The Rachael Ray Show.)

Here's a summary of the diet:

- In 3 weeks, you are projected to lose 12 pounds
- Includes a very specific daily meal and exercise plan (I'm talking every single day)
- You eat 4 meals a day + 2 (under 100 calorie) Snacks
- You do 55-75 minutes of cardio, 6 days a week (the 7th day is optional)
- Your diet consists of a low fat, high fiber and low glycemic index foods.

The diet also allows customization based on body and metabolism type. For example, I'm a type Beta - who needs to follow the diet and exercise plan precisely and also eat less and exercise more than type Alpha - who has a high metabolism and can yield results easily.

Results of course are based on how closely you follow the diet and exercise instructions, and also the efforts you make to maintain the weight loss. In 2008, I did this diet and lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks. I was also much younger with a faster metabolism, and it's clear that 5 years later, I didn't maintain the weight loss.

So, here I am again! Attempting the diet and hoping for the best results :). I am losing weight to live a healthy lifestyle, to gain more energy, and simply be proud of how I look.  I'll be sharing my oh, so exciting weight loss journey here!

The first week is the toughest week on this diet - eating an average of 1,000 calories a day and also hitting the gym every single day. I will admit, I literally felt like I had junk food withdrawals and did partake in 3 cheat meals as the weekend came upon me, but I'm feeling good and am happy to share that…

 I've lost a total of 2 pounds.
That's 2 less pounds of what I was hoping to lose, but this just motivates me more to stick closer to the prescribed diet, work harder during cardio sessions and aim for the best for my next weigh in :)

Hahaha, here's to this EXTREME Fat Smash Diet and a healthier future! :)


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