Tuesday, October 23, 2012

27 : Older & Bolder

Last weekend I turned 27, and was blessed to be surrounded by some of my closest friends.

Vicki reminded me of my blog post that I wrote the night before I turned 26 and a couple thoughts came to mind.

1. Getting older happens fast, for all you 5 year olds reading blogs - take your time.
2. Has the highlight of scientific discovery this year been a strip that relieves your tongue after it's been burnt?
3. I may have gotten even more comfortable in my skin. Maybe too comfortable - but I'm okay with that :)

This year has been a year of healing, spiritual growth and not out of the ordinary - a year of lessons learned. It's been a year of contemplating and I'm excited for 27 to be a year of achievement, giving and creative risk taking.

To kick off this 27 business, my friends and I took advantage of the Fall heat here in Southern California and enjoyed a beach-side brunch, and then a picnic with the Laguna Beach tide pools as our backdrop.

I am truly blessed with these friendships and seeing these girls makes my heart so happy. Every single one of my friends has shown me how to be a stronger, bolder, and more compassionate woman. We missed Vicki, who was running the Nike Women's Run this day and Desiree, who was studying her butt off in her nursing program.  A special thanks to Bertie and Linda for party favors, picnic goodies and decor! Thanks to each of you for a wonderful day and cheers to another year!

xoxo - eunice

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Accessories (That I'm Eyeing)

Hi Everyone!

I'm back, and it's Fall - what do you know? :) I may have been hibernating in the sun- or drowning in work. I'll leave that up to you to decide.

It's finally time for scarves, boots, and some pretty gold accessories. Here are a couple items that are on my wishlist this season.

Women's Polka Dot Fringe Scarf - Overstock.com | No Bones About it Boots - Seychelles | Un-teal the Clouds Clear Umbrella - ModCloth | Gramercy Bracelet Watch - Kate Spade on Nordstrom.com | Preston Gimlet Tortoise - Warby Parker | Gold Bar Necklace - Rozmarin Jewelry on Etsy.com

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