Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hello Kitty x Forever 21

I believe, that I may pass out.

I have this anxiety problem where I always believe that I won't be the surviving fittest in any situation, so therefore a strategy  needs to be put in place. Example: When there are a group of food trucks in a parking lot, I feel like I have to get there 30 minutes before they all open to get my pickin's of food. Then when I get there, I run from my car to the food truck circle and anxiously skim each truck's menu and give myself a 30 second deadline to choose a line to stand in first. Insanity? I'm okay with it. My boyfriend always gets what he wants on the menu so he should thank me!

So, when I saw this post about Hello Kitty collaborating with Forever 21, I just about passed out. (Just like I did when I heard Missoni was collaborating with Target).

Here is the scoop from Nitrolicious:

See? I wasn't joking about passing out. HOW FREAKING CUTE is this line? Now really, there is always a fine line between, "That Hello Kitty shirt should be worn by someone 20 years younger than you who still can't pronounce words like "vanilla" or "chinchilla"" and "Wow, that Hello Kitty shirt is surprisingly cute and age appropriate!"

I'm not going to lie, I've skimmed that line before, but with these new pieces, you can look like I've passed puberty AND look stylish at the same time!! My favorites are the pussy bow blouse and the tan cardigan.

F21 is having a launch party for the Hello Kitty Exclusive Collection in Hollywood tomorrow! If you're in the area, or if you're a closet Hello Kitty die hard, I'd say it's an exciting event to go to. I won't judge. Promise.

P.S. As if it couldn't get any cuter, they made a video:

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