Saturday, November 12, 2011

Give me some sugar!

Did I say Monday? I meant Saturday :)

As a girl who has combination skin and lips that seem to love to wear the chapped look more than most, I knew Fall had come around when my face started screaming for multiple lotion applications and my lips were getting pulled over by the chapped police.

I knew I had to find a lip exfoliator/buffer and made my way to Sephora to find one. I had heard so much about items from the fresh line, and most specifically the Sugar Lip Polish. A gentle lip exfoliator that includes sugar as one of it's key ingredients? SOLD. Gently massage the light sugary paste on your lips, wait 5 minutes, wash with warm water and bam - soft lips! Then you seal the deal with the Sugar Lip Treatment and a pretty lip color (optional) and you're good to go!

I bought the stocking stuffer/mini version of this duo and am definitely going to pick up a full size when this stash runs out. I take the Sugar Lip Treatment with me in my purse and use it as chapstick whenever needed.

I also picked up a lipstick from the Rouge Cream Lipstick Line of the Sephora Collection. I wanted to stay away from the glitters and other lip drying ingredients so the Rouge Cream Line was perfect. I'm not a daily lipstick wearer, so I chose Ingenious 21 a "cool beigy brown"which shows up on my lips incredibly natural, but also gives me actual lips to walk around with, and has a nice pink tone in it - which I love!

While at Sephora, I also perused the OPI nail polish stand looking for the new matte top coat I had been hearing so much buzz about. I frowned in not being able to find it, and then of course, found another rack near the counter with the top coat sitting pretty, ready for me to snatch it up.

Before | After

It kind of reminds me of actual paint, and love the carbon look it takes on dark colors like this navy blue on my 4th fingers. I'm excited to try it on more colors this Fall! 

Oh! And the 4th item I picked up was my birthday Vanilla Cupcake body wash by Philosophy. Oh Sephora, such a winning gift to get a girl on her birthday! Make sure to pick yours up within the month of your birthday!!

Happy Saturday Everyone!

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