Monday, February 11, 2013

Busy Busy Bee

T-Shirt: H&M | Skirt: American Apparel | Tights: Target | Shoes: Kohl's | Necklace: H&M | Jacket: H&M

I told you I can't get over stripes! This skirt is my favorite piece of clothing right now (I may have worn it at least twice this past week). It is American Apparel's Interlock Pencil Skirt and it is 100% cotton, which means, its like leggings, in skirt form. Haha, now I know that sounds like a nightmare for most of us, but the skirt is fairly thick, providing a rather forgiving and slimming look (the stripes also help - another win for stripes!) 

This past week was a bit crazy from working long hours and other fun things like getting my iPhone replaced due to water damage (Apple Care Plus saved my butt) and getting stung by a bee (it was my first time!). I lived off frozen dumplings, hot pockets, chai tea and Costco pizza. Now, those are typically some of my favorite foods - but I'm ecstatic that I now have returned to real life with vegetables, fruits and food that doesn't come from the freezer :) 

On that note, I have 6 days until my half marathon! Yikes, I am nervous but also can't wait to run my first half marathon with some good friends! Time flies - especially when you're supposed to be running outside 3-4 times a week :) Any tips for week of marathon training? 



  1. I love your healthy outlook on life. I've never trained for a half marathon but I do run about 5km three times a week along the beach outside my little beach house. It's summer in sunny Australia and I usually run with my new puppy. Running brings me so much joy. If I could make any suggestions to keep you motivated, I would suggest you go with a friend (I run with the furry variety!). I really like your blog. Thank you for sharing!
    I'm your newest follower

    Oh and if you like cooking, I have a giveaway on my blog, free entry. I'm not sponsored, it's just something I've put together myself :)

    Bella @ sea and salt xx

    1. Oh my goodness!! You are AMAZING - seriously it's one thing to get me to train for a marathon, but it's another to include running as a consistent part of your life :) I love it!

      Um, beach? Puppy? What a gorgeous backdrop to your runs :) I love it and will take you up on your advice to run with others :)

      Love your blog as well!! Thanks for stopping by Bella! :)

  2. Love the stripes, Eunice! I just saw a similar stripe skirt I'm eying to buy.. when it goes on sale! :D I am a big fan of frozen potstickers too, that can't be too healthy, but they're so delicious! Well, I've never ran a marathon in my life, so I have no tips for except. breathe. :D


    1. Victoria! YES!! Haha keep your eye on it!! Have you heard of Shop it to me?? That literally keeps me on top of sales and you can choose brands that you want to follow etc :)

      Breathing is a very BIG thing that I actually have to stop and think about - kinda crazy, huh?? Haha so that is perfect advice!! :)


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