Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January Crush

I have a huge crush on the Urban Outfitter's exclusive brand - Kimchi Blue. Each Kimchi Blue piece exudes a romantic and sweet disposition with a touch of asian influenced details. 

I want all of it. Absolutely all of it. Check out that Beaded Pop Fringe Cross Body Bag decorated with rows of chains, ribbons, beads and fringe! The dresses all make me want to frolic through fields of flowers and I literally love all the shoes they put out. I mean - I'm pretty sure I haven't said that about  a brand… yet! 

Anyways, I know we're still in Winter, but if I could have it my way (which I pretty much do in California) I'd be stuck in Spring all year long! What season would you choose to wear and live in all year long? 


  1. urban outfitter always has urban styles. really love them. for your cruch, we especially love the mary-jane grey wedges..guess it is comfortable and good looking ;)

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  2. I agree-totally love Kimchi Blue! I adore those wedges-and they always have great dresses!


    Erin @

  3. Hey Eunice, nice post! Will check out and I do love that fringe bag!xx

    Romiya Fashion Inspiration Blog

    1. The fringe bag is so unique, I LOVE IT :)


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