Thursday, December 15, 2011

In Southern California, we don't get much snow… or kangaroos.. or much sleep. I know most people outside of California laugh at our infamous outfit combo of Uggs and a skirt, but as we're all acclimated to our environments, it doesn't surprise anyone anymore when we see a violator walking down the street- and yes, we still think Winter is cold out here. Sometimes Californian's melt in snowy cities. Like the wicked witch of the west!

The simplicity of the weather in California can cause something that I call the "chill confusion". All the Christmas commercials with windows fogged from the heat vs. chill reaction, infinite Christmas songs begging the sky to fall with ice marshmallows, and Uggs. Lots and lots of pairs of comfortable, fuzzy and toe warming- Uggs. I tend to have chill confusion where I wear a blouse, with a sweater, with a pea coat and a knit scarf, and walk outside looking like an eskimo on the beach. Oh! And pants, you thought I wasn't wearing pants didn't you?

These past couple days I've without failure, been wearing the wrong sweater on the wrong days - either too thick or too thin. Inspired to find the perfect comfy outfit, came this set of sweaters and shoes. So simply and effortlessly chic. I would also need some mustard jeans. Can't forget the pants.

This is our California Winter, my friends!

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