Friday, December 2, 2011

Gift Giving Guide III

  Photo Via SwellMayde

Swellmayde's DIY Leather iPhone Case

How amazing, and clean does this DIY case look? I love that Aimee of, shares her amazing and professional looking DIY finished products with us on her blog. As someone who has the Mary Poppins Purse Syndrome (MPPS), anything nice in my purse has the potential of being scratched up. So even though you may not have an iPhone, you can place any delicate object in this simple case, or small items that aren't fun when they're loose in the black hole you call your purse. Some Fun Examples: iPod, lip gloss, gum, mints, jewelry, floss, hair ties, extra contact lenses, tweezers, and much much more :) Also shown is Aimee's Native Painted DIY Leather Case.

Photo Via

Photo Via


Stickygram takes your Instagram photos and turns them into magnets! 9 magnets for $14.99 with free shipping and you've got your favorite Instagram photos looking at you in your locker, at your desk, when you open up that fridge of yours, and really, any ferromagnetic material. Stickygram's buzz on Instagram is growing day by day, and as my dear friend Vicki sent over their link, we raved over how it's a great semi-DIY, and personalized stocking stuffer for any friend, loved one, or family member. I think my only issue with this product, is only being able to choose 9 :)

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Bodum Assam Tea Press

We're speeding into Winter, and although California's weather never really reflects the true season, we're all feeling the on and off chilly weather. What better way to celebrate the chilly nights with soothing, hot, and tasty tea! The Assam Team Press allows you to steep loose leaf tea and bagged as well, whatever floats your boat. My current favorite concoction is Coffee Bean's Winter Dream Tea (a warming, sweet and spicy tea) with vanilla and soy milk. Yum! Warm someone's night and heart this Christmas!

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