Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Heart Glitter Guide!

Not so long ago, I signed up for an "Under Construction" GlitterGuide.com subscription that I heard about through following (and founded by) Taylor Sterling and her uber feminine and chic blog: Sterling Style

Little did I know, after the website would launch, that I would be hooked, waiting on end for the next Glitter Guide email to hit my inbox so I could check out the new blogger spots, company spots, product guides, style news and more. 

Glitter Guide is an exact representation of it's name. And it makes me giggle, click through their website frivolously, and puts me in awe with the pictures and graphics they produce. If you haven't subscribed to TheGlitterGuide.com, and are a blog following, aspiring fashionista, that loves to smile, likes looking at pretty things, and likes to narrate your pets and give them a french accent, then sign up NOW!!! (Okay, that combination just might be me...)

This morning, I danced around with my coffee after I read these two articles.

I'm totally the creepy person that's trying to snag glances into people's houses and apartments. No, not to look at THEM, but to look at the way they've decorated the place. What tickles my fancy even more is a glance into creatively infused fashion bloggers with lots of unique flare in their own clothing- that you wonder if their place looks just the same. Take a peek into Krystal from This Time Tomorrow's abode. Being a follower of Krystal's blog for awhile now, I felt like TheGlitterGuide.com hit the nail right on the head!! :)

Then, I saw today's Polyvore spot and thought... "Oh no you DI-INT, Glitter Guide!!!!!!" Oh yes. Oh yes they did. And let's just say I want to work there. Or be a groupie. Or at least take a tour? Get a high five from Eugenia?

Not being active on Polyvore for too long at this point, I have to say I'm already an intense fan. Vicki and I talk about how Polyvore is such a great platform to allow everyday girls like us, play with our most coveted brands, looks we may or may not ever don and work as a digital sound board for what we may be wearing that weekend for the birthday party on the rooftop.

What better than to get a gander into the office of Polyvore and see the powerhouse and beauty of the staff behind this awesome website/company.

Oh, Glitter Guide, I heart you!


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