Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oh, I wish, I wish!

So, if you could imagine, I deliberated quite a bit over what I wanted to include on my wish list this year. 

Are you kidding? This was so easy to make, it wasn't even funny. 

Haha, call it a girl's biggest weakness but with Pinterest, Polyvore, and well my good ol' fashion red notebook, I pretty much have a solid list of items I'm constantly pining for. 

1. Canon EOS Rebel T3i. Call me an amateur, but for my first DSLR, I'd like to start simple. I'd love to take my pictures to the next level, because let's face it, my iPhone isn't going to cut it forever!

2. High Waist & Wide Leg Jeans. Tuck in a flowy blouse or don a cute crop top, then throw on a pair of cork wedges and you're set for any type of day. 

3. Mindy Kaling's "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And other concerns)". Mindy's character on the Office itself makes me want to read her book. Whether she's the annoying, cheerleader-puppy to Ryan, or that she's a creative, and witty actress who probably says a lot of funny things in her head, I'm sold.  Reading and laughing out loud is the best!

4. Chinese Laundry's Mix Tape. Yes, I have a Groupon for CL. Yes, I said I was going to buy boots. No, I haven't bought them yet. And, yes, I want to change my mind and get these booties. Then wear the booties with my pleather leggings and a the grocery store.

5. Asos Leopard Clutch. Really, I just want a case for my iPad. The idea of my iPad fitting so snug in a leather envelope that also happens to be a leopard clutch, makes me giggle. And want to get into bed with my cable knit cardigan on. 

6. Warby Parker's Tenley Prescription Glasses. I mentioned in my recent post that my glasses aren't as cute as I'd like them to be. I think Fall and Winter would be a great time to upgrade, and give my eyeballs a break with this contact lens business. Now if Warby Parker would just contact my optometrist to get my prescription, and also pardon any expiration dates, that would be great!

7. Gibson Tweed Riding Jacket. Such a classic, worth the splurge, "I will wear it forever unless I get really fat" type of purchase. I want so badly to throw on a pair of jeans, a white-t, this jacket and some boots. And call it an responsible, adult day. 

What are you wishing for this Christmas? :)

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