Monday, February 25, 2013

Rock n' Roll Marathon | Pasadena

Yay! :) I completed my first half marathon last Sunday and am still alive! I do blame the marathon for knocking me out for the entire week, but besides that I'm still feeling ecstatic from the run and overcoming a challenge that I never thought I could!

We got up at 5am to arrive at the Rose Bowl at 6:30am, and realized immediately that the cold morning was about to kick our booties. After robotically stretching and making vows to never do this again, we made it to our corrals and before we knew it, we were sprinting past the start line.

I seriously have never run as fast and of course as far as I did that morning. Adrenaline was truly my friend… until about the 5th mile when I realized that there was more than half of the marathon to go. A couple thoughts went through my mind throughout the run:

1. Wow, this first hill isn't bad!
2. Weave, baby, weave!
3. Hmm.. When is the next water break?
4. That gatorade tasted like rotten oranges.
5. Is that a man in a gumby costume who just ran past me?
6. Another…hill? D:
7. I think my toes are sword fighting.
8. Maybe should have passed on that last water break, where's the next porter potty?
9. I want my bed, I want my bed!
10. I wonder if that man in an Elvis costume running with a beer has another one that I could have?

Despite the pain harvesting in my toes and a couple mental challenges, Kimmy and I finished at 2 hours and 25 minutes (staying under our goal to finish under 2 hours and 30 minutes) :) We were SO HAPPY that it was over and were able to relax in the warm sun with lots of bananas, mini Jamba Juice smoothies, pretzels, gatorades and salt packs (to prevent cramping).

The best surprise was when we found out that we'd barely be able walk for about another 72 hours :)


Before & After | Finish line high-fives with Kimmy | Super smiles | Far East Movement performing

I know I made this experience sound fairly painful, but I highly recommend at least trying it once. Training for a marathon is one of the simplest examples of human satisfaction - you may not believe that you can run a 5K, 13.1 miles or 26 miles, but with preparation and even doing something like adding a mile or two to your runs each week, you'll be surprised where your body and mind can take you! Take it from me - the LEAST athletic person you'll ever meet :)

The guys and Kimmy were such a great group to run with and I couldn't have done it without them :) 

Also, special thanks to Vicki of Victory Carmichael and Friends, for your advice, support and kind words!

When's our next run? :)


  1. Good for you - more power to ya! Congrats on the marathon. Perhaps we could follow each other?

    xo Lulu

  2. Congrats! That's awesome!


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