Monday, January 14, 2013

Special Announcement | Introducing Vicki & Eunice: Friends Who Blog

Hi, Friends!

Vicki and I met shortly after college, and as we got to know each other, it became more and more ironic that we weren't friends in college. We had mutual friends, shared interests in arts and crafts, fashion, food, business and an intense love for frozen yogurt and soon, we'd find out much, much more!

Living together for two years, and now separated by about 50 miles, Vicki and I miss our adventures together, and have been brewing over collaborating to provide the best content to our readers and of course - make many more great memories!

Vicki, whom I admire, is my dear friend, and I absolutely adore her blog where she provides tips and tricks on everything in life as well as fashion styling and more. Find her at

With that said, Vicki and I are excited to announce our initiative to keep our readers and friends updated through our collaborative Facebook page:!

Please "like" and share our Facebook page with friends and family as we will be utilizing it to share news, updates, photos, upcoming events, and best of all - fun giveaways.

Our first giveaway begins once we hit 100 "likes", at which time, we will choose a winner at random out of those who have liked us and award them with a $50 Target gift card!

With no need for an introduction, Target is one of Vicki and I's favorite stores. It is uncanny how Target has evolved over the years into a leading retailer for high fashion collaborations, providing national exposure to small businesses, and being a one stop shop store for everything you need.

Please visit our facebook page - vicki & eunice: friends who blog, like us, and make sure to leave a comment on my page so I can personally thank you and check out your blog as well! :)




I would love to hear from you, so please feel free to leave any comments, questions, and suggestions! Or just a little love. Love is nice too :)

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