Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Brunch and Giggles

Photos Taken By: Vicki 

Leotard/Shirt: American Apparel | Jeans: BDG | Boots: F21
Necklace: LA Art Walk Vendor (Similar in teal Here) | Gold Ring: Jewelmint | Silver Rings: Made by friend | Gold Bracelet: Kate Spade (Gifted by Vicki) | Silver Bracelet: LA Art Walk Vendor | Purse: Vintage (Gifted by My Mama)

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Many of you may have noticed my recent Facebook collaboration with Vicki of! It's been long overdue, as was this recent brunch/catch up date that Vicki and I had in the Orange County!

We started our early afternoon at Eat Chow, ventured down Newport Boulevard, and later into Costa Mesa to make a stop at the Lab. 

Vicki ordered the Chow Benedict - she shared a piece with me and as a major fan of eggs benedict - it definitely hit the spot.

I ordered the Breakfast Carnitas Tacos by recommendation of our waiter, and subbed egg whites for the scrambled eggs - I literally licked the plate and didn't feel super full after. (Winner in my book!)

Vicki and I spent the day catching up on our lives, diving into blogging goals, giggling, and simply enjoying the day. Time flies with this gal and before we knew it, our phones were dying and we needed to head home :)

I am truly excited for our future adventures and hope you stay tuned with us!

 Don't you love this HUGE wall planter (located at The Lab, Costa Mesa)?? 
Plants on a wall - can't go wrong :)


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  1. oooo that massive wall planter is so cool- arg you guys eat at THE yummiest places. my mouth was watering the whole way through this post, those tacos! And i love love love your high waisted pants. i can never get enough of that style

    1. The food was SUPER delish :) You'll have to try the next time you're in Southern California!!

      I had been eyeing those jeans for awhile at Urban and finally decided that I could no longer live without high waisted pants :) I think I'm addicted now!! :)

  2. i love getting together with friends, especially fellow bloggers who understand the need to take pictures!! the food looks yummy!

    thanks so much for dropping by! i read your previous post and will check out that FB page :)

    1. Right?! There's picture power in groups :) Thank you so much for coming by my blog - I'm excited to follow your adventures this year!

  3. oh wow, breakfast tacos, that's something i have to try one day! also your hair is so pretty, i love the curls.


    1. Jessica, you MUST :) I promise, you'll love it!!

      It's been years since I've had healthy hair, so thank you!! :)


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