Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Gifts DIY

I work with several college students and with the school year ending, graduations and new endeavors for these bright-eyed kids; I wanted to send them off with some simple goods.

DIY Decorated Mugs

Via Pinterest, I found Danni of Oh Hello Friend's tutorial of sharpie decorated mugs and was sold. But instead of using Sharpies, I picked up Painters Markers in gold and black - no reason just wanted to keep some permanent craft pens around for future projects. (I recommend the fine tipped markers, the medium pushes out too much liquid for this project)

I really like that the imperfections of each design provides a unique gift for each person. I also had fun with the blank canvas - free spirit attitude I had when decorating these mugs - just go where the triangles take you!

With help from one of my dear friends, Linda - we wrote words that described each person along with their name for them to be reminded of how perfectly crafted they each are.

Mugs: Ikea $2.99 | Painters Markers: Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Store $3.99 (On sale right now for $2.99)

Lace Potted Succulents

I decided to act on my incredible weakness for lace and also my love for little, cute, low maintenance succulents. With three of the four graduating, I knew I wanted something extra special for each to take with them on their journeys. 

I was inspired by Elsie of A Beautiful Mess' Pretty Lace Flower Pot tutorial and went to Jo-Ann with ribbon lace in mind. And, low and behold found myself leafing through piles of crochet doilies instead. I was won over by how intricate the doilies were and knew they'd be perfect for my succulent pots. 

I simply folded the doilies in half, cut them, and used a hot glue gun to attach them to each pot. In the end, I also used the gold painters markers from above to write "Keep Growing" on each pot. 

Crochet Doilies: Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Store $1.99-4.99 | Succulents: Trader Joe's (Cost is around $5.00)

What are your go-to Summer gifts? :)

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