Friday, June 29, 2012

Food Truck Fare

The Orange County Fair is right around the corner and my dear friend, Jillian knew the exact event we would thrive at to kick off the Summer and the upcoming Fair.

Food Truck Fare - Wednesday at the OC Fair Grounds was food euphoria. We spent a good 3.5 hours gorging ourselves and catching up. It was an amazing night!

Lobsta Truck: Lobster Rolls $12 (It was like tasting lobster for the first time. In a golden buttery bun. From a truck.) >> Seabirds: Sweet Potato Fries $5 (We were pretty sure that the cinnamon and salt covered fries were the BEST sweet potato fries we had ever tasted.) >> Burnt Truck: Vietnamese Pork, Friend Chicken, Mini Mac - Sliders $2.50/each (Bites of AMAZING) >> Bakery Truck: Banana Caramel  Cream Puff $4, Strawberry Nutella Cream Puff $4, Red Velvet Cupcake $3, Carrot Cake Cupcake $3 (I thought Jillian and Kim were excited for the lobster rolls- but they were BEAMING when they got their cream puffs) >> Oh! There were so many cute puppies and little humans. This gorgeous dog was just one of many :)

Thanks Jillian and Kim for a foodtastic and fun night ;)


  1. LOVING the pictures!! :) your camera quality is niiiiiice!

  2. Aaaaand this is why I cannot wait to move back to southern California. Haha. Glad to see you're having fun!!


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