Friday, December 9, 2011

Gift Giving Guide IV - Neck Edition

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Bows are lovely on little girls, adorning a top knot, on our beau's neck's, and with the increasingly popular masculine look on our femme features (a killer example featured in Blanco's "Night" Campaign), I'm loving the various ways girls can work a bow-tie into their outfits. 

This DIY from, allows you to make a darling Bow-Tie pin for those girlfriends who would knock it out of the park rocking a bow tie, AND, with's DIY instructions-Bow-Shoe Clips! All you have to do is buy the shoe clips in addition to the materials for the DIY Bow-Tie, and secure the pin and clip to the back of the bow. You never know,  you might need to rock a tuxedo one night, and a dress the next! 

The best part of this sweet little gift is that your girlfriend can pin it on a headband, a purse, a scarf, a skirt (infinite possibilities, really), to add a bit of a girly kick to their outfit. 

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Forever 21 is one of my (and I know many of yours, don't lie) favorite places to buy costume jewelry. You can't deny that their team does a pretty good job keeping up and often forward with the trends. (On most of their pieces, not all, sorry F21 - I love you, anyways!) On a trip to one of the largest F21's I've ever been to a week or so ago, my girlfriends and I ooh-ed and aah-ed over some amazing necklaces (my favorite is the blue and red threaded necklace- how FUN is it?!).

Lucky for all of us, F21 is having a 30% off jewelry sale, and everything pictured above is on that list! Their jewelry being already affordable is even more so now, so, what better way to say "Merry Christmas", than slipping a fun statement piece into your gal pal's stocking!




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Ah, scarves. A girl can never have too many of them. I'm especially in love with the faux fur accessories out there for Fall and Winter, and would love to spice up a jacket or oufit with a faux fur lapel collar or snood (yep, scarf-hood). The cozy knits are another favorite of mine, and fair warning: one with geometric or native designs can cause scarf envy. All of these scarves are from, and are all under $50.00. Two of them are on sale and only $20.00! Snag away!

Happy Gifting Friends!!

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