Friday, November 18, 2011

Harajuku Mini for Target

First I have to say, that more than any other time, I wish I had a little girl to dress in these most darling clothes.

I may be a tad late, but Harajuku Mini for Target is here! I mean, on top of being asian, having a little panda or rock star ballerina walking around with me? Did I just present a little girl as an accessory?

Yes. I did, but I'm able to do that because my baby girl won't arrive until maybe a decade from now, and I can only hope that Gwen Stefanie launches another Harajuku Mini line for my bundle of joy. In the meantime - take a gander. Then think of any little girl in your life that you can buy these pieces for. Unfortunately, my cousin with 2 beautiful little girls is way more on top of this than I am, and has already been there and done that. :)

You wish you could hear me squealing about this right now!

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