Friday, November 25, 2011

Gift Giving Guide II

Mason Jar ______.

1. Mason Jar Lace Vase or Lantern by Michaela from Michaela Noelle Designs.

Lace anything is fun, especially for the girl who loves fresh flowers (or even some year round fake ones!) Throw a tea light inside, and it automatically turns into a lamp. 

2. Mason Jar Cookie Mix by the Emmaline Bride Team at Emmaline Bride. 

Who doesn't love cookies, and let me tell you, I got this as a favor from a bridal shower and it saved me a trip to the grocery store (and the indecisive toll I take at what recipe to follow) when I had guests over the week after :) Choose cute colored cookie embellishments and you're set to go! This DIY also includes a link to free printable labels from Bakerella!

3. Mason Jar Snow Globe. Here's one WITH water by Bree from The Creative Mama , and one WITHOUT by Arielle from A Beautiful Journey. 

Such a unique, and creatively opportune gift! You can keep it holiday-esque, or add in items that pertain to each specific gift receiver, like hello kitty figurine, or a little tea pot and tea cup set, etc. One of these DIY's includes a gift card, but I think I'd be most excited about the presentation of the package, than the actual gift card. Just sayin' ;)

A Cute Cell Phone Case!

I don't know about you, but picking up and snapping on a new cell phone case feels (almost) like getting a brand new phone. Shiny, scratch-less, and donning a new color, your cell phone case is also a chance to showcase your style! Lucky for us, cell phone cases are well priced, especially when you buy them off!

Glitter Toms!

First of all, they're glitter-tastic and are perfect to sport for the Holidays and throughout the year. (Perhaps along with a comfortable NYE outfit?) Plus, as most of you know, they will donate a pair of shoes to a child in need, preventing disease, and injuries, while providing a brighter future.

Happy Gift Giving & Stay out of trouble in the Black Friday MADNESS!


  1. a like all images!

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  2. Love the glitter TOMS!

    Thanks for stopping by, the chains are from a store in downtown LA called Athenian Fashions.

    Take Care, Aimee

    DIY Blog: SwellmMayde


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