Thursday, May 30, 2013

DIY Inspiration: Scallop Denim Shorts

Who isn't love with denim shorts? Especially with Summer right around the SoCal corner, I know I could live in a pair everyday. The best part about it is that denim shorts aren't always born denim shorts, in past lives, they could've been a pair of your favorite ripped jeans, or jeans that your mom spontaneously decided to hem too short. Or best yet - they could previously have been some hot man's levi's at the thrift shop. Whatever they started as, they're comfy as hell and can be styled so many different ways.

In my case, I've got some jeans that I've gracefully ripped in the thigh area - you know, for fun and because these thunder thighs don't lie. I've been thinking about how I want to restyle the jeans and bam. I found my next DIY project.

Scalloped Denim Shorts! 

I love these shorts from Mink Pink and though I'd love to purchase them - I can make them for free, and so can you! Have any denim shorts you want to revamp, or jeans you want to transform?

Look out for my future DIY! :)



  1. Ooo what a good idea to turn this into a DIY project!! I hope everything is well with you, Eunice! <3

  2. those are soo fun!! i want some of those shorts!!

    Sandy a la Mode


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