Thursday, January 3, 2013

Outfit Diary

Hi, Everyone! 

Happy first post of the year :)

I had an amazing 1.5 weeks off of work to spend time with family and friends, and can't say that I can be more refreshed for a brand new year! I'm so excited to open up my life a bit more with you this year and share my experiences with crafty projects, personal style, the path towards a healthy lifestyle, life lessons and daily adventures. 

This week, I ended my vacay with a lovely day at Santa Monica. Got a new iPhone (couldn't handle my recently cracked iPhone 4 screen), did some shopping, enjoyed the crisp ocean breeze and got happy hour with friends. 

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Jacket: Urban Outfitters | Shirt: Old Navy | Leggings: Lululemon | Purse: Shoemint | Shoes: Candies | Beanie: Urban Outfitters | Glasses: Warby Parker


  1. thanks for commenting on my blog so i could find you!! you are adorable and i LOVE your bag!!

    Sandy a la Mode

    1. Ah!!! Sandy! I'm so glad you checked out my little blog :) I'm so excited to follow you through your adventures this new year!!! :)


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