Monday, July 9, 2012

DIY | No - Sew Lace Trim Shorts

I know - just like me, you probably have a pair of denim shorts that you swear to never give up. It's been years of fraying and beach bum hugging so, maybe it's time to give them a sweet make over! (Plus, it's probably time to get a new pair of denim shorts.. Ahem.. Eunice) This also allows you to make them a tad more conservative as the lace trim adds some length. Just in case that was a concern for you - it may have been mine…or just an excuse to play with lace.

What you will need:
Shorts that won the make over challenge
Permanent Fabric Glue
Pins or Safety Pins
Your favorite lace trim (Measure your short's leg circumference - I bought 1.5 yards)

Step 1: Measure out your short's leg circumference. Mine came out to 22 inches per leg. Make sure you add at least an inch of overlap for error. Cut and optionally use fray check on the ends to prevent fraying. (COMPLETELY optional, you are going to glue the ends down anyways. I had some Fray Check laying around so I decided to be safe)

Step 2: Turn your shorts inside out and start pinning your lace starting about half an inch behind the inner seam of your shorts. This will allow the ends of the lace to meet towards the back side of your inner thigh to look infinite. 

 It's up to you to choose how much of the lace you want to peep out. My lace is 2 inches thick, so layered it 1 inch over the shorts. Pin all the way around until you've covered both legs. 

Step 3: Overlap the end of your lace about a quarter of an inch over the beginning of your lace. Cut off any excess and start gluing! I made a zig zag motion with my glue all the way around each leg. Then make sure to fully glue the overlapping piece over the other end so there's no lace flappies. 

Step 4: Make sure the lace is secure and set to dry for about 5 minutes.

Step 5: Turn your shorts inside out and wah-lah!

Your very own pair of lace trim shorts. And you didn't have to get out the sewing machine. (But may have to pick dry glue off of your fingers…not bad right?)

I've brought my favorite pair of shorts back to life - just in time for the heat this Summer :) I am contemplating cutting off the rolled up excess of denim but will wear it this way for now! 

Enjoy and happy DIY'ing! :)

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  1. They look great. Where can I find lace trim for cheap?


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