Monday, June 11, 2012

long hair don't care

It's been over 6 months now and I surprise myself with how long I can go without a hair cut. When my dog jumps on my bed in the morning to wake me up - he steps on my hair. Getting into the car requires swinging my hair around my neck so I don't end up ripping anything out when the car door closes on a chunk. Pony tails give headaches and my favorite - hair dipping into food/sink water/the vacuum hose (don't ask me how). But nevertheless, I have been enjoying my long locks, especially now that the weather is getting warmer - the inner hippie is reappearing. 

I did schedule a hair cut for this week, so I've been perusing the internets for some inspiration. Unfortunately, there's not much creativity beyond layers and a trim but I've picked up some of my favorite long hair looks from's Hair Ideas for 2012

>> oh you know I can't deny a pop of color, a simple streak or maybe ombre?
>> volume + waves = Asian girl Hair Dream 

>> braids braids braids! I love them all - and I've got the hair extensions to attempt this look - ha! 
>> pompadour's have always been a favorite of mine. now for some hair teasing to make this work!

>> chignon's are a classic choice for a sleek look, adding lace takes it to the next level - and we all know I love lace.
>> bombshell waves - two words - must try. I always default with the messy curl look, wherever my hair curler takes me! I'll try wavy structure sometime soon.
>> pulled back beachy waves are my favorite. time to pull out the bb surf spray and get to texturizing.

A hair update soon!


  1. My hair is getting long too! Dunno what to do with it either!! :(

  2. i recently cut 6 inches and wish i didnt! xo


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